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EthicalHub: A Social Enterprise with Impact

At EthicalHub, we are committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment. As a proud social enterprise, we dedicate 20% of our earnings to a sustainability fund, fueling initiatives for a better environment and society. The aim of this fund is to support projects that promote sustainability, environmental responsibility, and community betterment. By integrating our business model with a strong social mission, we ensure that every purchase you make contributes to creating a better world.

Ethical Sourcing

Ensuring materials are responsibly acquired, free from exploitation, and ethical labor practices.


Minimizing environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and reducing waste.

Fair Trade Practices

Upholding fair wages, safe conditions, and equitable treatment for workers.

Transparent Production

Providing clear information on the entire production process for consumer awareness.

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EthicalHub's Ethical and Sustainable Standards

At Ethicalhub, we are dedicated to upholding the highest ethical and sustainable standards in the products showcased on our platform. Our commitment revolves around promoting responsible and conscious consumerism by adhering to the following principles:

1. Ethical Sourcing

We prioritise products that are ethically sourced, ensuring fair treatment of producers, artisans, and workers involved in the supply chain. We support fair wages, safe working conditions, and respect for human rights.

2. Sustainability

We emphasize products that have minimal environmental impact. This includes items made from sustainable materials, eco-friendly production methods, and a focus on reducing waste throughout the production process.

3. Transparency

We value transparency in product sourcing and manufacturing. Vendors on EthicalHub are encouraged to provide detailed information about their products' origins, production processes, and any certifications related to ethical and sustainable practices.

4. Fair Trade

We support fair trade practices that empower marginalized producers and communities. Products certified under recognized fair trade standards are given preference on our platform.

5. Animal Welfare

We advocate for products that uphold high standards of animal welfare. EthicalHub encourages vendors to offer cruelty-free and animal-friendly products, promoting ethical treatment of animals.

6. Community Impact

We prioritize products that positively impact communities, especially those supporting local artisans and traditional craftsmanship. We aim to create opportunities for economic empowerment and community development.


EthicalHub is a social enterprise and online marketplace dedicated to connecting sellers of ethical goods with conscious consumers. We promote sustainability, fair trade, and community betterment by providing a platform for ethically sourced products.

EthicalHub focuses on products that are ethically sourced, sustainably produced, and align with fair trade principles. Suitable products include:

  • Organic Tea and Coffee: We encourage vendors offering organic, fair trade-certified teas and coffees that support sustainable farming practices and fair compensation for growers.
  • Health Products: EthicalHub welcomes health-oriented products that are ethically sourced, made from natural ingredients, and contribute to overall well-being, such as superfoods, supplements, and health-focused snacks.
  • Sustainably Packaged Goods: We prioritize products with sustainable packaging solutions, aiming to reduce environmental impact, such as eco-friendly packaging for food items.
  • Ethical Treats: Products like artisanal chocolates, ethically sourced honey, and other consciously crafted treats that adhere to ethical sourcing and sustainable production methods.
  • Organic Fruits and Vegetables: We support sellers offering organic produce that is grown using sustainable farming practices, free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

We dedicate 20% of our earnings to a sustainability fund, which fuels initiatives aimed at environmental protection, social equity, and community development. This fund supports projects that promote sustainable practices and create positive social impact.

EthicalHub offers a $0 commission model, allowing you to maximize your profits. The only fee you will incur is the Stripe fee, which is 1.7% + $0.30 per transaction. There are no hidden fees, and you can keep more of your earnings to reinvest in your business.

EthicalHub uses various marketing strategies, including social media campaigns, email newsletters, and partnerships, to promote your products to an audience that purchases on the basis on values and principals. We also highlight featured sellers and products on our homepage to boost visibility.

EthicalHub is an online marketplace that connects conscious consumers with sellers of ethical goods. We focus on promoting sustainability, fair trade, and community betterment through a curated selection of ethically sourced products.

EthicalHub offers a wide range of products that are ethically sourced and sustainably produced. These include:

  • Organic tea and coffee
  • Sustainably packaged goods
  • Ethical treats such as artisanal chocolates and ethically sourced honey
  • Organic fruits and vegetables

EthicalHub carefully vets all sellers and products to ensure they meet our strict ethical criteria. We focus on environmentally friendly production methods, fair labor practices, and contributions to positive social impact. Additionally, we encourage customer reviews and ratings to help build trust and transparency.

EthicalHub is committed to promoting sustainability and fair trade. We dedicate 20% of our earnings to a sustainability fund, which supports initiatives aimed at environmental protection, social equity, and community development. By shopping on EthicalHub, you contribute to these efforts and support a positive impact on the environment and society.

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